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Household&Insitutional Foil

Household&Insitutional Foil
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Product Name:Household&Insitutional Foil
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:February 10, 2011
Edit Date:March 30, 2011
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Silver altantic trade Co., Ltd
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Household and Institutional Foil


Bare aluminum foil for daily individual use is today available in the most parts of the world, in various widths, lengths and gauges. Production facilities are versatile to meet the varied product requirements. For example, spooling of foil products such as household or institutional wrap, is an automatic operation which produces the familiar "rolls" of foil used in households and businesses for countless applications. Spooling is done by a machine that winds a pre-set measured length of foil onto a paperboard core, cuts off the individual roll thus produced, and automatically starts the next roll onto a new core. The operation is fed from a large coil of foil, slit to the proper width for the particular roll product being run. Completed rolls are cartoned, and the packaged product is packed into shipping containers.


Household Foil

One of the most-used and versatile materials in the home, household aluminum foil is available in practically every food, drug, variety and department store, and in many other retail outlets. It has become such a convenience item in modern life that it seems almost pointless to enumerate its many uses in kitchen, basement, garage, yard, camping, boating and wherever people go.


Household foil is packaged on paperboard-tube rolls in "cutting edge" folding cartons in three weights and several widths. Typical foil gauges are 0.00065 in. for standard, 0.00095 in. for heavy duty, and 0.0015 in. for extra heavy duty. Most household foil cartons are, predictably, brightly and attractively printed foil cartons.


Household Foil End Uses - Just for the record, here are some of the uses that "all of us" have found for household aluminum foil:


Food Preparation

Baking and roasting meats, fowl, fish, vegetables, fruits, and combinations of these with biscuit and other dough's; boiling several vegetables at a time in a single pot; lining broiler pans, packing lunches; crisping salad greens; lining casserole dishes; lining frying pans; warming breads and rolls, and others.


Food Storage

Freezing fruits, meats, fowl, fish, vegetables, desserts, home-made soups, stews, chicken al la king and similar dishes, bread, rolls, and french fries; keeping salad greens; storing leftovers; covering bowls; butter and cheese; and others.


Food Serving

Bake-and-serve potatoes and other foods in the same foil; fashion original frozen dessert molds of aluminum foil, freeze and serve in the mold; shape foil to form flower-shaped cup, serve mints or nuts at table places; and others.


Household Maintenance

Protective covering for table tops to reflect heat from warm dishes, prevent marking of finish from spilled liquids; temporary rain gutter repair with layers of asphalt and foil; moth-proof wraps or pouches for woolen garments; well-liners for electric stove burners and for the inside of the entire range-top enclosure; disposable liners for stove exhaust hoods; chrome-cleaning swabs; temporary rain shields for ferrous parts, or for any similar sheltering purpose; and many others, as "demanded and devised."



Table, door, tree, picture window, fireplace, hall, yard or other decorations for holidays; favors; lampshades; hats; doilies; place mats; individual ash trays; and others.



Baffle for space heater; radiator reflector; light reflector; water vapor barrier; basket liner for cut flowers; protective wrap for paint brushes; temporary jar or bowl cover for paint, spackle and other mixes; dimensionally-stable patterns, or templates; nonsorptive surface for color matching of paints; disposable funnels; and others.



Tree trunk wrap to prevent rabbit damage to young trees; vegetable and flower plant mulch; reflector for winter-sunbathing enclosure; tags, or labels for embossed writing for permanent identification of such items as plants; and others


Nonsorptive liner for car trunk floor when transporting flowers, shrubs, ice; temporary nonyielding shims; reusable masks for paint jobs; disposable grease mat for garage floor; and others.


Institutional Foil

Plain or printed, embossed or spot-laminated to wax tissue paper or other material, in sheets or in rolls, institutional aluminum foil has also become a "standby" for daily life in a host of service, manufacturing, educational, and many other institutions and businesses. 

Dispensing packages are designed for maximum convenience. Plain foil sheets are interleaved for fast "pickup" and rolls of foil are packed in cutting edge containers, or mounted on cutting dispensers.

Institutional Foil End Uses - Most of the uses for consumer foil also are well applied to institutional foil. Similarly, many of the commercially-initiated uses for institutional foil may at times be put to work at home. While there is apparently no limit to the uses for institutional foil, this list of applications is representative:

Restaurants and Stores

Carry-out prepared food packaging; meat market and delicatessen packaging; store displays, decorations; baking potatoes, other vegetables, apples; roasting meats to reduce shrinkage and time, or to permeate the meat with special flavors; splash guards; disposable liners for exhaust hoods; non-abrasive chrome-cleaning pads or swabs; heat-retaining barrier for hot food transportation and "waiting"; others.



Wrapping surgical instruments for sterilization, to permit subsequent handling prior to use; practically all of the food and most of the maintenance uses listed above under "Restaurant and Stores"; nonsorptive covering for underneath sheets on emergency tables or carts in hospitals; general disposable liner applications; dimensionally-stable patterns or templates for repetitive tasks; disposable, nonsorptive covering for work surfaces; directional heat reflectors for safety, comfort, or convenience in heat therapy; temporary, nonyielding shims for equipment or furnishings; temporary rust shield for wet, ferrous parts, e.g., casters of rug shampooing machines, steel furniture glides, or feet of black iron furniture; handicraft material for children, work therapy departments, or general hobbies; nonsorptive surface for color-matching paints; protective coverings for paint brushes; temporary covering for dishes or other containers; disposable funnels; foil squares or hand-fashioned cups for individual portions of paste, clay, paint, or other handcraft materials; moldable painting masks for hardware and fixtures; off-season dust covers for fans and other equipment; nonshrinking caulking material which is resistant to moisture, insects, and grease; and others

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