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Large Mat Anodized Precision Round Square Oval Pipe, Aluminium Tube

Large Mat Anodized Precision Round Square Oval Pipe, Aluminium Tube
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Product Name:Large Mat Anodized Precision Round Square Oval Pipe, Aluminium Tube
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:April 25, 2016
Edit Date:December 8, 2017
Company Name :
GuangZhou DongMing Aluminium Group Co.,Ltd.
Tel:86 20 22970760
Add:ShanQian Road, HuaDu Town,
Detailed Product Description:

Large Mat Anodized Precision Round Square Oval Pipe Aluminium Tube
Our aluminium profiles manufacturing capability:
1. Alloy: 2011, 6065, 6463, 6063, 6061, 6005, 6082, 7005 and so on.
2. Maximum outer circumcircle diameter ø 350mm;
3. Maximum weight per meter 25 kgs/meter; 150mm seamless drawing tubes;
4. Minimum thickness of extrusion is circumcircle X 0.011 (mm)

Aluminium Products Machining (Re-Process) Services Area:

Precision Sawing:
Sawing Diameter 300mm; Chamfering, Angle Cutting any degrees, angel tolerance 0.15 °degree.;
Hardwares, Metal Plate Fabrication: Continuous Punching, CNC Punching, CNC Bending, Deep Drawing;
Mechanical Machining: CNC Machining Center, CNC Lathe, CNC Turning,CNC Milling, Up to 6 Meters CNC Machining Center.
Tube and Pipe Re-Process: Bending Forming, Shrinkage and Expansion Pipe Forming, Forging;
Mechanical Surface Treatment: Polishing, Brushing, Carving, Mirror Polishing.
Others: Welding, Assembly, Fabrication Design Solution Service

Why Choose Us?

Professional and competitive leading manufacturer of aluminium extrusion profiles and aluminium fabrication in China, we choose RoHS certified aluminium material and YG8 die cutting material, which ensured better surface of your aluminium extruded profiles, more stable dimensions, and even higher precision tolerance. Compeleted manufacturing machinery and well trained team, advanced production technics, ensured productive, effective and quality.

Surface Treatment Detail Treatment Types
Machanical Treatment Sand Blast Brush Mirror Polish
Electrochemistry Treatment ED & Electrophoretics Chemical Polish Hard Anodizing
Anodizing (dyeing, natural color treatment)
Coating Treatment Powder Coating Liquid Coating Silk Printing
Hot (water) transfer printing Waxing  

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