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LX overhead traveling crane

LX overhead traveling crane
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Product Name:LX overhead traveling crane
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:January 11, 2010
Edit Date:January 11, 2010
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LX overhead traveling crane
made of high quality material and good processing,price maybe high,but we guarantee the quality

LX overhead traveling crane

Lifting capacity:0~5T

Span: LK=4.5~17m

Surface: print with industrial yellow

Steel grade: GB

Lifting speed: V=7.9m/min

Application range: petroleum, chemical industry, medical equipment, paper making

Electric system

Voltage: 380V

Frequency: Hz=50

Motor type: Slip ring motor

Mounting: Foot mounting or flange base on the design

Class: F

Crane Girder

Using good material and jointing by welding method

Rail make by un-abrasion

Wheel must be make by un-abrasion steel

Wire rope standard

Painting: standard

Standard Certification: ISO9001; CE
We can provide the certification of materials
Quality control: we test mechanical and chemical properties of our products in every procedure

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