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polished tiles for the wood stone lines 600*600

polished tiles for the wood stone lines 600*600
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Product Name:polished tiles for the wood stone lines 600*600
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:August 11, 2011
Edit Date:August 11, 2011
Company Name :
Foshan Dongnuo Ceramics Co., Ltd
Add:Xinjing Development Zone, Xiaotang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Detailed Product Description:
DongNuo Ceramics Co.,Ltd is lies in the Foshan where is noted by the ceramics.DongNuo is a modern business enterprise which is specilized in producing the high-qualtiy of the polished tiles.We have our own factory and the annaul outputs are not less than 20millions square meters.The ceramic tiles sold by the Dongnuo which are have a good reputation by the good quality and excellent services.The tiles made by DongNuo have the following features. 1.Clearly for texture, brightly coloured and lustrous. 2.Lowly water absorption.strongly antifouling etc.

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