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Anti-radiation bubble aluminum foil roof insulation

Anti-radiation bubble aluminum foil roof insulation
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Product Name:Anti-radiation bubble aluminum foil roof insulation
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:January 4, 2012
Edit Date:July 11, 2012
Company Name :
Qingdao Taiyue Packaging products Co., Ltd
Add:Danshan Industry,Chengyang District,Qingdao,China
Detailed Product Description:

Bubble laminated Aluminum Foil,

Foil bubble insulation, heat insulation material , home insulation , building insulation material  is the new pattern of insulation. Comparing to the traditional insulation, its reflectivity is up to 97%.It can reduce the discomfort from fiberglass or expanding foam and the harm to environment. Moreover, the air bubble can play a role of cushion and the product is light, being easy to install.


structure :

ALfoil +bubble +AL foil

ALfoil +bubble + PE 

ALfoil + bubble +bubble +AL foil

ALfoil + bubble + EPE + bubble + AL foil

 Multi-layer Insulation Material

specifications :

length :according to customersdemand

max width :1.25m

diameter of bubble : 6mm,10mm,12mm,20mm,25mm

features :

clean ,lightweight , easy to cut ,quick and easy to install ,store, and handle ,environment friendly

usage :

It is widely used as construction material, such as roofs, floors, animal barns, warehouses and ducts etc.

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