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International Industrial Exhibition Metal - Expo 2010

Date: 9-12 November, 2010
Address: Hall 75, The All-Russia Exhibi

A workshop of the Organizing Committee of Metal-Expo’2010 International Industrial Exhibition with participation of unions and associations of the construction, steel, and machine-building sectors as well as scientific and research institutions was held in Moscow. The Organizing Committee studied the results of Metal-Expo`2009 and discussed the strategy of development of the industrial forum in the next 3 years: its program of development is mainly focused on increasing the numbers of exhibitors and visitors.
The Organizing Committee studied technical facilities of the exhibition fairgrounds in view of expanding the program of events. Availability of well-equipped meeting rooms is important for tens of business meetings with participation of hundreds of professionals in mining and steel complexes and related industries are held during Metal-Expo. Some 20 ths professionals representing more than 500 companies from 25 countries as well as thousands of their partners participated in Metal-Expo in 2009. 30 conferences, seminars and round tables were held during the exhibition. The majority of participants of Metal-Expo estimated the results of their participation in the exhibition as positive.

Today all the exhibitions strive for increasing in number of visitors for efficiency of participation in the trade show directly depend on the number of visitors. Metal-Expo management and Organizing Committee will focus on increasing in number of visitors mainly by attracting a bigger number of end-users of metal and steel products to the exhibition.

When discussing the results of Metal-Expo’2009 the Organizing Committee pointed out that the exhibition had been brought to another level of professionalism and practicality for many exhibitors and visitors were definite in their approaches and quick in making decisions. The exhibition statistics based on questioning of exhibitors who have participated in many exhibitions all over the world show that exhibitors and visitors of Metal-Expo fully match target groups of the exhibition. According to V. Polkin, Director, Zinc Development Center, against the background of a falling number of visitors of trade fairs the efficiency of this year’s exhibition has been higher as compared to the last few years.

I. Lysenko, Deputy Chairman of Committee for Metallurgy, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry pointed out that the program of events had been very tense: “The main task of the exhibition which is ensuring a dialogue between producers and consumers has been fulfilled”.

A. Dorofeev, Head of Department, Association of Russian Metal Builders said: “Metal-Expo`2009 no doubt has become the key event for the steel industry. However, we still have to develop a stronger cooperation between steel makers and builders. As part of the program MetallStroyForum’2010, an exhibition for steel structures manufactures and users will be held together with Metal-Expo’2010 on the same fairground”.

”The exhibition has turned out to be extremely interesting, efficient, and spectacular. The majority of its exhibitors and visitors are professionals, noted S. Stepanova, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, - holding of a workshop of Coordination Council, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on development of use of steel products in the automotive industry during Metal-Expo was an important step. I have had a good opportunity to meet with a big number of heads of special steels enterprises. We have to continue discussing the ways of improving supplies to defense and machine-building enterprises with special steels at Metal-Expo”.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation plans on holding another workshop of the Coordination Council with participation of heads and CEOs of steel mills. Next year’s workshop of the Coordination Council on development of use of steel products in the automotive industry at Metal-Expo’2010 will become a two-day conference during which producers of flats, long products, and non-ferrous metals will discuss possibilities of expanding the use of their products in the automotive industry. Another workshop will de dedicated to development of car parts manufacture in Russia.

A. Dobrynin, Deputy Director General, GINTSVETMENT (part of Rostekhnologii Corporation) noted the importance of the scientific and technical workshop of RT-Metallurgy with participation of Rostekhnologii which was held at Metal-Expo’2009. In 2010 an extended workshop for special steels producers and defense complex enterprises will be held during Metal-Expo. Both parties will have a good opportunity to discuss problems of supplies with metal and steel products to machine-building enterprises and the ways of development of cooperation between them.

V. Fedorov, Head of Soyuzlom pointed out the efficiency of Metal-Expo as a meeting place of scrap procurers and steel makers and, taking into account the importance of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap procuring for the steel industry, suggested holding The All-Russia Meeting of Scrap Procurers and Steel Makers at Metal-Expo’2010.

N. Korotchenko, Director of Information and Methodological Center, MISiS commented on a successful presentation of Naukograd at Metal-Expo’2009 which united scientific and research institutions and engineering companies within one exposition: “Many visitors came to Naukograd stand in search for new materials and technologies including nano-coatings of metal surfaces”. V. Uglov, Deputy Director General, TSNIICHermet and B. Sivak, Deputy Director General, VNIIMETMASH supported her announcing the plans to publish a collection of speeches at scientific and research conferences and pointing out a positive effect of the participation in the exhibition on the joint stand of Metallurgmash, International Union of Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturers. According to them, the negotiations they conducted at the exhibition still continue.

The Organizing Committee admitted a positive experience of participation of scientific and research institutions and engineering companies on a joint exposition. Next year this positive experience will be developed by an extended participation of other scientific and research institutions, engineering companies, high schools, state corporations, and different associations for support of small and medium businesses. Besides, a foundation for support of young scientists working on the metallurgical field as part of a competition for innovative developments in the steel industry will be established at Metal-Expo. The estimated budget of the foundation exceeds 2 bln rubles.
A. Brodov, Director of TSNIICHermet asked his colleagues to pay more attention to requirements of various industries when planning program of events. Since the domestic market today becomes a top priority if users announce their requirements clearly and early steel makers will have time to prepare.

All types of equipment for metal and steel industry, ferrous and non-ferrous products, metalworking technologies etc. will be presented in Moscow in November 2010. Besides, an exposition of steel structures manufactures will be arranged on the same fairground next to the expositions of metal and steel, as well as machine-building companies which will jumpstart the development of this sector of economy.


Metal-Expo, JSC

Director General:
Mr. Alexey A. Efimov

Bolshaya Maryinskaya ul., 9, bld. 1, Moscow 129085, Russia

+7 (495) 734-99-66


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