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Ball’s Aluminium Bottles report confirms the rising demand for sustainable aluminium packaging options

Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022

  In the latest report published by Ball Corporation, the company has claimed that there is a rising demand for sustainable aluminium packaging options all over the world.
The Aluminium Bottles Report analyses account from consumer surveys worldwide that display the emerging demand for aluminium packaging solutions in household or personal care brands to morph their packaging identity into a more sustainable and eco-friendly one. Moreover, to deal with the impending dilemma of carbon emissions and to reduce the same, many companies are diverting their packaging materials to aluminium for a clean circular economy.
As we all know, aluminium is the most preferred raw material nowadays due to its malleability and infinite recyclability quotient. Plus, aluminium, when recycled, can retain its original properties, which is beneficial for many companies as the production of primary aluminium is extremely cost-effective and lengthy.
The President of Ball Aerosol Packaging, Jay Billings, exclaimed: "The Aluminium Bottles Report introduces an exciting market opportunity for brands to expand the use of aluminium packaging in the household and personal care space."
"At Ball, we know consumers want to buy products that are not only convenient and capable but also better for the environment. We look forward to continuing to partner with our customers to meet this demand with innovative and recyclable aluminium packaging solutions," Billings added to his speech.
The report also focuses on the growing customer concern for sustainable and recyclable products. It details that 45 per cent of users questioned wanted 'environment-friendly' packaging solutions for their household or personal care needs.
Moreover, 40 per cent of surveyed users stated that they are already instigated to buy packaging solutions that are 'better for the environment' and 'use less plastic,' and almost 50 per cent said that they would adore household or personal care packaging solutions that can be easily recycled.
The report also mentions each customer's preference regarding common packaging variations, like cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminium. In fact, customers not only thought about sustainability while answering these questions, but they also focused on convenient, safe and premium packaging.
The Vice-President commercial of Ball Aerosol Packaging, Victoria Marletta, notified: "As consumers continue to demonstrate a growing preference for environmentally friendly products, there is an incredible opportunity for household and personal care brands to introduce new and innovative packaging options that are better for the planet."
"In particular, we're excited about the potential to leverage aluminium packaging in the bathroom. For packaging hair care products, deodorant, lotions, and more, aluminium bottles are a premium, durable and infinitely recyclable option that also stands out on the shelf," Marletta concluded.
The survey enlists collected data from over 1,500 end consumers spread across Brazil, Mexico, the US, the UK, Germany and France. In every country, a specific number of consumers who had bought a household or personal care product in the last 60 days were scrutinised for the report's data.

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