May 17 Scrap Metal Prices Michigan USA

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Latest scrap metal prices for the Fair Salvage Company – Clare Division

Sheet Iron(Tin)
(Some items such as loads of tin cans, fencing, cable,
steel banding, etc. may be purchased at half price) $180.00 per net ton

No. 1 $2.45 per pound
No. 2 $2.35 per pound
No. 3 $2.30 per pound
Irony Copper is purchased as irony Brass
Insulated #2 Copper (House wire, extension cords, etc.) $0.85 per pound
Insulated #3 Copper: (Wiring harnesses and communication cables) $0.55 per pound
Christmas Lights $0.25 per pound

Yellow Brass-NO GUN SHELLS MIXED IN! $1.50 per pound
Shells purchased at same price but cannot be mixed in with other brass items.
Red Brass $1.60 per pound
Irony Brass (has steel, plastic, etc attached) $0.30 per pound

Wheels-no valve stems, weights or chrome $0.70 per pound
Wheels with valve stems and/or wheel weights and/or chrome plating $0.55 per pound
Old Sheet $0.45 per pound
Painted Siding $0.56 per pound
Cast $0.45 per pound
Clip $0.57 per pound
Extruded $0.67 per pound
Irony Aluminum $0.15 per pound

Auto Radiators $1.50 per pound
(copper core with brass tanks-all steel, etc. removed)
Aluminum Radiators $0.46 per pound
(aluminum core with plastic tanks-all plastic and steel removed)
Copper / Aluminum Radiators $1.10 per pound
(copper tubes with aluminum fins-all steel, etc. removed)
Unclean Auto (steel, plastic, etc. attached) $1.00 per pound

Unclean Aluminum (plastic, etc. attached) $0.20 per pound
Unclean Copper/Aluminum (steel, etc. attached) $0.60 per pound
Heater Cores $1.37 per pound
Starters $3.00 or $4.00 each
Alternators $3.00 or $4.00 each
Clean Lead $0.45 per pound
Wheel Weights or Lead with Steel attached $0.35 per pound
Clean Die Cast $0.30 per pound
Stainless Steel $0.75 per pound
Electric Motors $0.24 per pound

2 Foot Plate and Structural $260.00 per net ton
5 Foot Plate and Structural $255.00 per net ton
Alloy Free $260.00 per net ton
Short Steel $235.00 per net ton
Mixed Cast-Must be breakable $210.00 per net ton
(Heavy unbreakable cast $50.00 per ton less)
Clean Motor Cast $235.00 per net ton
Unclean Motor Cast $190.00 per net ton
2 X 4 Steel $235.00 per net ton
Unprepared $180.00 per net ton

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