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Aluminum alloy plate

Aluminum alloy plate product name: Aluminum alloy plate
Place of Origin: Peoples Republic of China
Post Date: June 14, 2013
Edit Date: June 18, 2013

Detailed Product Description:

Tianjin Zhongyan Tiancheng Pipe Sales Co., Ltd. is a company integrated production and sales. The products are widely used in machinery equipment, ultrasonic, die manufacturing, electronics, metal products, handicrafts and other industries.  

The materials are environmental-friendly, and have excellent processing performance. We can offer certificate of material quality and SGS report. Aerospace aluminum plate and bar was certificated by AMS. All of industrial and civil aluminum materials reach the standard of ASTM-B209, B211 and EN485:2003.
Our products are imported aluminum plate and bar from America, environment-friendly aluminum plate、strip、row、bar、pipe, special seamless aluminum pipe, high-rigidity aluminum alloy plate, aerospace aluminum plate, special aluminum plate for ultrasonic, die aluminum plate, aluminum plate for ship, and special aluminum alloy.
Currently, the specifications of all aluminum products are as follows:
Aluminum plates are 7075、7050、7055、7475、6061、6082、5052、5083、3003、2024、2014.
Seamless aluminum pipes are 6061、6063、2024、5056、5052、NC5、7075.
Aluminum rows、six-angle aluminum bars are 6061、6063、6262、6201、6020、6082、7075、7005、7003、2011、2024.
Import aluminum plates are 1100、2024、5052(Korea)、6061、7075(America)、7050(America)、7475(America)、7005、7055、6082, and thickness is 2-500mm.
Imported aluminum bars are 2011、2017、2024、5052、6061T6511、7075T651(America), and diameter is 25-400mm.
High-quality aluminum alloy plates are 7075-T6/T651、6061-T6/T651、5083-H112、
6082-T651、2017-T4、5052 、3003-H14、1100H14、1050H24、1060H28, and thickness is 0.3-500mm.
High-quality aluminum alloy bars are 2017-T3/T8、2011-T3/T8、2024-T4、6061-T651、6063-T6、7075-T651、7005、1100H14, and diameter is 3-500mm.
Special models of aluminum plates and bars are 5005、5154、5056、6351、6060、6262、6082、7003、7005、7475 , and diameter is 3-160mm.
High-quality alumina pipes are 6061、6063、7075、5083、2024、5056、5052、7005, and the wall thickness is 0.8300mm..
Seamless aluminum pipes are 5052、6061、6063、5056、2024、7075, and the wall thickness is 390mm.
The biggest diameter of aluminum bar is 500mm, and for other specifications, we can customize for customers.