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sandy cryolite

sandy cryolite
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Product Name:sandy cryolite
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:March 29, 2010
Edit Date:January 17, 2011
Company Name :
JiaoZuo City XianHua Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd.
Add:Jiefang district,Jiaozuo city,Henan province,China
Detailed Product Description:

Hello! Very fortunately to link with you and your company with the hope of establishing a long-term close operational ties. We specialize in the production of cryolite manufacturers. Synthetic cryolite mainly used for Electrolytic aluminum, Abrasives, Metallic materials, Casting, Ceramics, Pesticides, Glass etc. industries and enterprises.

  Department of cryolite professional company manufacturers products reached or exceeded targets:

F              52~54%min

Al             12~13%min

Na             28~33%max

SiO2           0.1~0.36%max

Fe2O3          0.03%max

SO42ˉ         0.08%max

P2O5           0.02%max

H2O            0.3%max

PP             (500℃/1h)1 %max

Size            -60~-325 mesh (100%min, According to the need for adjustment)

Packaging: Addendum outside with plastic 25kg 50kg 1000kg, Export licensing system or by foreign demand.

  I wish the successful cooperation!

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