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Product Name:Cryolite
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:May 14, 2012
Edit Date:June 8, 2012
Company Name :
Jiaozuo Minli Industrial Co.,Ltd
Add:No.108,Jianshe East Road,Jiaozuo City,Henan Province,China
Detailed Product Description:


Molecular FormulaNa3AlF6

Quality Standard : GB/T4291—2007

F        52~53 % min
Al       12~13% min 
Na      32~33% max 
SiO2       0.25~0.36% max 
Fe2O3    0.05~0.08% max 
SO42-     0.6~1.0% max 
CaO        0.15~0.20% max 
P2O5      0.02~0.03% max 
H2O        0.20~0.40% max 
Loss of Ignition (550 Celsius, 30min)         2.0~2.5% max

Size Distribution:
Granular ( 0-10mm )
Sandy ( 80mesh )
Powder ( 200mesh, 325mesh )

Physical properties:
Cryolite is a kind of complex compound or double salt. Caused by impurity, the appearance can be white, gray ,yellow powder or crystalline particles. It's melting point is 1025℃, stacking density is 0.6-1.0g/L, true density is 2.95-3.05g/cm 3 , heat of formation is 225KJ, specific gravity is 2.75-3.00g/cm 3 , heat of fusion is 107KJ. Slightly solubte in water.

Aluminium- metallurgy: as component of fluxing agents, protective and refining salts;
Production of abrasives: as active filler in resinbonded abrasives for metal treatment;
Production of enamel, glazing frits and glass: as flux and opacifying agent;
Production of soldering agent: as component for fluxing agents;
Production of welding agents: as component of welding rod coatings and welding powders;
Blasting and pyrotechnics: for fireworks;
Metal surface treatment: as component in pickling pastes for stainless steel.

Packing:In 50kgs plastic woven  bag lined with high-pressure plastic film, or according to customer's requirements.

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