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Aluminum Bare Foil (Medium Gauge)

Aluminum Bare Foil (Medium Gauge)
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Product Name:Aluminum Bare Foil (Medium Gauge)
Place of Origin:Peoples Republic of China
Post Date:July 11, 2009
Edit Date:July 11, 2009
Company Name :
Detailed Product Description:
  • Place of Origin: Gujarat, India

Aluminum bare foil suitable for pharmaceutical packaging

Technical Specification:


1. Foil Material:

Fully Soft (0 temper) aluminum of alloy grade AA-8011 conforming to Aluminum Association, USA, and specification.

2. Thickness Tolerance:

80% of the length will be within 5 %,
20% of the length will be within 8%
Methodology of test : By weighment

3. Foil Temper:

(fully annealed) or fully hard

4. Surface Finish:

One side matt and other side bright finish or both side bright finish.

5. Perforation Count:

Observed value is zero for all medium gauge foil.
20 micron : Probability of occurrence max 10/sq-m in 10% cases.
25 micron : Probability of occurrence max 5/sq-m in 5% cases
30 micron : Probability of occurrence max 2/sq-m in 2% cases
40 micron : Pin holes free Methodology of test : EN 546- 4:1995

6. Stickiness:

Material shall unwind freely at maximum 1.5 Meter length load.

7. Wettability:

When fully annealed wettability index will be as per ASTM B 479 standard and wettable to minimum 32 dyne solution when fully hard.

8. Core material:


9. Core i.d.:


10. Roll o.d.:

600mm maximum on 152 mm core and 450 mm maximum on 76 mm core or as specified and agreed with customer

11. Roll width:

1480mm maximum or as specified and agreed.

Tolerance ? 1 mm.

12. Splicing:

Smooth ultrasonic welding joint for light gauge through out the web having 5mm to7mm overlap. At splice foil will have 80% of parent tensile strength.

13. No. Of splice: 

Max. one

14. Rest on core :

4 mm max

15. Winding quality:

Foil winding on the core will have straight build-up having a maximum interlayer shift of 0.5mm. Maximum telescopic will be 2 mm.

16. Identification:

Each reel is identified with a ticket having Reel No., Specification, Mfg.

17. Packing:

Suspended packing on strong wooden pallets with adequate protection against corrosion or transit damage. Runner clearance 75 mm minimum.

18. Marking:

Order No., Batch No., Gross & Net Wt. and any other details as agreed mutually with customer

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