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Outdoor User Distribution Amplifier Housing Outdoor User Distribution Amplifier[ December 17, 2007 ] Product information:  1.Aluminum alloy die cast housing 2.Surface treatment: coated for anticorrosion and antistatic after shot blast cleaning and chromate deactivation treatment. So it has good salt mist-proof and weather Ningbo Yuchi Electronics Co.,  
Peoples Republic of China
Looking To Buy Aluminum Engines And Transmissions. Looking To Buy Aluminum Engines And[ August 7, 2007 ] Product information:  Looking to buy aluminum engines and transmissions from within USA. Also will be interested in scrap auto batteries. Feel free to contact me. Optional Information - HS Code : 7602 Aluminium Waste and Sunco Metal Corp.  
United States of America
Need QS/TS 9000 Supplier Of High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting Need QS/TS 9000 Supplier Of High Pr[ September 1, 2005 ] Product information:  We are a INDO US Multinational . We are looking for TS/QS Certified Suppliers of ALUMINUM High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) for a Automotive Product which is : a) Aluminum 360 b) Casting Weight : 1.4 ARJ A S I A  
Republic of India
Factory Specializing In Al-die Casting Factory Specializing In Al-die Cast[ August 18, 2005 ] Product information:  We are looking for factory in China specializing in Aluminum die casting. If conditions are agreed, we will place an order repeatedly for al-die casting product. Please contact by e-mail Option SUN RIM  
Republic of Korea