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Chongqing Aero Aluminum Mechanical-Electrical Co.,LTD is a aluminum products and aluminum processing equipment sales business, supporting parts manufacturers, relying on Chinese aluminum leading technology and equipment strength, strong manufacturing capability, large production scale, advanced production technology and first-class quality of products. We supply competitive aluminum products and aluminum processing equipment. 
We Implement the management mode of products division system, the company has equipment manufacturing department, aluminum processing department and new product development department. 
The Aluminum Processing Department mainly sells and supplies 1 series,2 series , 3 series , 4 series , 5 series , 6 series, 7 Series , 8 series various aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet, strip, foil, profiles, pipes, bars, forgings and other products,especially large-size and super-size aluminum plate, widely used in military,aviation, aerospace, marine, electronics, transportation, machinery and other industries. 
The New Product Development Department mainly develops special -specifications, special -properties and special- purpose aluminum, copper, titanium alloy and high temperature alloy products´╝îtrial-produces and supplies  successively hard aluminum alloy pipe for Oil drilling, large-scale aluminum alloy mother pipeline for high voltage power transformer, high-strength aluminum alloy flange, copper aluminum alloy welding wire with excellent quality of military, large-size aluminum alloy suite for LED energy-saving lamps, large-size forged aluminum alloy wheels, solar high purity aluminum thin tubing, high temperature alloy forgings, etc. 
The Equipment Manufacturing Department gathered the experienced engineering and technical personnel in the field of domestic aluminum processing equipment, having the comprehensive system integration ability with modern equipment design, manufacture, installation, debugging and after-sales service. It not only provides customers with a variety of products with advanced design, excellent technology and reliable quality and undertakes the turnkey project. Of aluminum processing industry, but also provides a variety of nonferrous metals processing industry-specialized equipments, for example, aluminum melting furnace, holding furnace, hardening furnace, annealing furnace, oblate ingot casting machine series, Longitudinal cutting machine series, cross cutting machine series, decorative pattern rolling mill, polishing machine series, straightening machine series, rolled machine series, dimensional storage devices, etc. What’s more, it professionally made accessories, components and spare parts of Non-ferrous processing equipment. The specific products are a variety of round ingot and flat ingot molds, the refining unit, hydrogen tester, lifting appliance, ductile iron sleeve. 

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Company name: Chongqing Aero Aluminum Mechanical-Electrical Co.,LTD
Date of establishment:
General manager:
Business type (manufacturer): Manufacturer
Main products: casting machine + annealing furnace + Holding furnace + aluminum melting stove + Hydrogen gauge + aluminum plate + aluminum alloy ingot + aluminum foil + aluminum profile + aluminum pipe
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Company address: chongqing,China
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