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2013 Brazil International Metal Machine Tool Cutting, Forming, and Welding Exhibition

Date: October 1st-4th, 2013
Address: St .Paul , Brazil

Venue: Brazil St.Paul  Expo Center Norte

Sponsor: Aranda Eventos e Congressos

Organizer: Beijing United Chinese Business International Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Exhibition Scope:

(A) Metal processing:

1. Metal Cutting Machine Tools: Metal machining centers, milling machines, ordinary lathes and automatic lathes, boring machines, sawing, slotting, broaching and planing machines, gear machine tools, modular machine tools, combined components, parallel machine tools, drilling and tapping machine tools, manufacturing units, systems and automation equipment, grinding tools, honing, lapping, polishing and super-finishing machines.

2.Metal Forming Machine Tools: metal sheet cutting machine tools and machining centers, sheets, plates, and profiles shears, plates, sheets, and tubes spinning machines, pipe bending machines, straightening machines, wire forming machines, presses, stamping machines, nibbling machines.

3. Special Processing Machine Tools: electrical discharge machining equipment, electrical discharge wire cutting equipment, electrochemical processing equipment, flame cutting equipment, plasma cutting equipment, water jet cutting equipment, rapid prototyping equipment, marking and engraving machines, surface treatment and coating equipment, vacuum forming machine

 4. numerical control systems, digital display devices and electrical machines, machine parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasives, cutting tools, fixtures and related products, test and measurement equipment.

(B) Metal Forming: precision metal casting and forging, bearings, fasteners, standard parts, valves, casting molds, casting valves, gray castings, ductile castings, malleable fittings, steel castings, alloy castings ; metal plates, pipes, profiles, wires parts; handling, transport technology, separation technology, pipes and profiles machining, sheet flexible manufacturing technology, molding technology, machine parts; metal sheets, pipes, profiles, and wire stamping, molding, and production moulds, materials and equipment; sheet and plate surface treatment technology, process control, plant and warehouse equipment, data processing (hardware / software), services, information and communication, etc.

(C) Welding: arc welding power source, special welding equipment, resistance welding equipment, cutting equipment, welding production line, welding auxiliary equipment, welding gun, welding torch and accessories, welding wire, rod, flux, weld quality inspection equipment, welding hardware, tools and equipment, arc welding equipment, electronic beam welding equipment, laser welding equipment, plasma welding equipment, and so on.


Li Yang




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