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China's import and export situation in the first seven month

Thursday, Sep 26, 2013

In the first seven months, China imported non-ferrous metals totaled 93.1269 million tons, an increase of 24.75% YOY. In July, China imported 15.6569 million tons, hitting the highest monthly import volume since 2012, an increase of 68.11%.

Non-ferrous metal average price declined, ensued by the declined import and export value. January to July, the total import value of nonferrous metal achieved 51.366 billion dollars, down 6.61%, and the average price of $551.60 per ton, dropped by 25.14%; exports totaled $13.358 billion, down 2.19%, with an average price of $ 4,150.10 per ton, down 7.51 %.

The reason for the above-mentioned situation was downturn global economy,  domestic overcapacity, constant increasing cost, and poor production capacity in advanced products.

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